MSO Marine: CNC Plasma Cutting

MSO Marine are pleased to announce that we have just upgraded our CNC plasma cutting table for an Esprit Technologies Lightning S table. CNC Plasma cutting is one of the fastest and precise ways to create sheet metal profiles.

What metal thicknesses can we cut?

Our table can cut mild steel up to 35mm thick. We can also cut Aluminium and stainless steel and other sheet metal. Give us a call to discuss your requirements.

What’s the larges sheet size we can cut?

Sheets up to 4m by 2m can be CNC cut on our table.

Can you cut box section?

We can cut both Box section faces and I beam webs to design. The deepest box section/I beam that we can cut is 200mm

Don’t have your own CAD technician?

Don’t worry if you don’t have a CAD technician of your own, Give MSO Marine a call and you can send your designs to our CAD team to be turned into cut files…simple.